Double Bass

We have recently purchased some 30 years old maple for double basses, please see the photo above.

We make the white, kit and ready to play double basses:

The maximum size is 3/4, and it cannot be sent by EMS as our violins, viola and cellos, we can only use other shipping companies, and it cannot be sent to everywhere, so before you send us an inquiry for the double bass, you will need to tell us your country and post code, then we will ask for the shipping company if it can be sent to you, if not, then we cannot take your order of the double bass unless you can organise the shipping methods or come to Beijing to pickup (if you can come to pickup, you need to ask for the air plane if you can bring it, but you can save $1500 from the total price below).

Another method to send the double bass is to split the neck and body as two parts, the package would be smaller, so EMS may take it and send it to everywhere in the world, in this case, 3/4 is not the maximum size.

But about the way to spilt it, we cannot publish it here, if you are a serious buyer, then we will send you photos in emails to show you how and you will no worries at all.

US$7800 is the total price for a ready to play double bass at professional grade by Lu Qing include a soft bag and air express delivery.



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