Mandolins in the white and kit only. F and A model. Full hand made by our individual maker himself from the beginning to the end with hand tools only, at normal craftsmanship quality, not as top as our violins, need your more detailed work after our maker's work. Worth to order as 1. your lighter work will be involved; 2. price is low; 3. full hand made with no machine; 4. Chinese maple and spruce and thinking of change to European maple and spruce; 5. there is no other maker in whole China can make them at this price range (you can try to find one by looking at internet or come to China, and to tell me when you find one if you like). Click here to see more details, -- is the one you always trust with.
Bosnian woods 4A grade

Lu Qing has selected 500 sets of 4A grade Bosnian woods from 4000 sets, the woods he selected are with very good bouncing, and have steel sound every raw piece, over 30 years old. The other Bosnian woods of the 4000 sets after our selection were sold at the international musical instruments show in Beijing 2007 by the wood dealer, the buyers like the woods very very much. The woods Lu Qing selected are the best of the best.

Price to make with this woods for a
violin is US$3300,
viola is US$3600,
cello is US$8500
(include shipping, insurance, professional case, exclude bow)

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