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Before read Faqs, read this first please:

We would like to suggest you, do not try to look for violin and mandolin instruments made in China from, it is impossible for you from remote to find quality instruments or makers from China via

Even we are in China, we can't find any good maker as ours Master Lu and his instruments, if you think you can sit in front of your computer and find quality instruments and makers from China via, you should know this is only a dream, as the top makers in China don't do ads on, the only for low makers and factories from China (not sure from the other countries).

We are in China, can't find any, but you think you can from remotely?

If you are looking for instruments and makers from other countries (but not China) via, then we don't have anything to commen.

If you do look for them from China via, then we would like to suggest you not to do that, it is impossible to find any good one, unless deal with us

We, is the only one in whole China who can provide you with:

Quality instruments at low prices.

All other Chinese makers (in China or not in China):

either with too big names and price is very high and quality is not better than ours.


too rubbish and can't be used as an instument.

But if you really want to buy instruments from low makers or factories in China, then we can provide help if you want, you will spend 15% higher of the product cost on our services.

Which means, you can contact the makers or factories, for instruments and prices, we then do selection from the makers and their products, to do this, we can guarantee that the price you pay for is to buy the right/better ones.

For example, if you have contacts for violins with a factory in China, $30 each, and you decide to buy, but not sure if they are good or if they are good as a sample sent to you, then you can use our services and pay $4.5 each to us, then we do selection from the factory for their $30 violins and we may give you suggestions if the factory is ok or not ok to deal with.

Only spend 15% more (there may be an extra charge on travel expense if the factory is not in Beijing) , then you can receive the right/better ones.

The 15% cost is to let you get the ones from rubbish products for something that can be sold and used.

Please do remember, is the only one in whole China can provide you with "high qulaity at low price" instruments , no one else in China.

Q: What is the difference between the Strad and Guarneri violin models Lu Qing made?

A: The Strad copy is more powerful, sounds sweet mellow, and the Guarneri copy is more sweet. This is only what we think and our customers told us about. We like them both, some one likes the Guarneri model just as personnal preference, the Guarneri model is a bit different in size and shape from the Strad model.

Q: What is the difference between antique and traditional varnish Lu Qing made, and where is the varnish from?

A: We buy varnish materials from France, and Lu Qing make it, Lu Qing has his recipe after many times tests, the varnish is very good for the sound quality, there is no difference between the antique look varnish and traditional varnish in the sound quality, the only differences are the colour and finished looking.

Q: What is the difference between one piece and two piece maple back for your violins?

A: There is no difference in sound quality, but you may think the one piece back looks nicer, actually the two piece back is really good as well, and price would be cheaper. we have to cut a larger maple that is for a cello back to small for a one piece back violin (extra cost may apply).

Q: Do you make one piece spruce top violins?

A: We do, but the extra cost applies, we don't think that is necessary for a one piece top, again, we need to cut a larger piece for a cello to small for a one piece top violin (extra cost may apply).

Any more questions? please send us a email.


Master Lu Qing full hand individual make violins, violas, cellos and basses with your specs

using traditional Italain methods

plus violin making theory from Western

and modern technology to support
The very best tonewoods selected from China and Europe and air dry for over 30 years

Testing for sound while making to make sure the very best sound the instrument will have

Easy and comfortable play

Professional solo grade
To compare with any full hand individual made instruments by any Chinese Master luthiers in China, USA and Europe in terms of sound quality and craftsmanship, it is the same or better than theirs

Ours are with the lowest prices

The very best customer services

A Chinese full hand individual Master Luthier in China, USA and Europe can only make 10 or 20 or maximum 30 violins per year.

If you see many dealers in the world sell instruments with those Chinese master luthiers' brands, you should think about where those instruments are made from. It is impossible by those master luthiers, they are actually made in factories own by those master luthiers.

Please note, in the Chinese violin making industry, there are many tricks so becareful. And brands are useless and nothing to do with the brands owners skills, they are not related at all for sound quality and craftsmanship.

You may spend US$500, US$1000, or US$2500 just for those brands for example, for a Chinese factory made violin that only worth less than US$100.

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