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Reference from customer of China

Date: 2/17/2024, Read: 410 times

  Here is the reference from the customer of China who ordered no.595 violin and bow:
   I was in search of a master-level violin primarily played in northern China and Germany. Therefore, I browsed through a violin workshop introduction website in Italy, specifically selecting options based on the region, and eventually came across The references and audio/video samples provided by the customers have been of great help to me in the process of determining the instrument order. Therefore, I will also write a relatively detailed recommendation to provide other customers with a reference.
   My initial impression of this violin is:
   1. The color of the violin reflects Master Lu's exceptional aesthetic sense, and the varnish on the violin is excellent!
   2. The feeling of holding the violin is like that of an old friend whom I have known for a long time, very comfortable and familiar.
   3. Since it is a new violin with new strings, the strings also need a warm-up. This is just an initial experience, and in terms of sound, the EADG strings produce very balanced tones. Even as a new violin, the low notes are very stable, clear, and not dull. In terms of tone, it leans more towards the beautiful Italian style compared to traditional Chinese and German styles. The sound is also very responsive, which is reflected in the performance. It allows for delicate expression and requires less bow pressure, providing more room for advanced playing techniques.
   4. Master Lu's mastery of the curvature of the violin and the control of the violin soundbox is impeccable. The sound is expressive, and there are no unnecessary buzzing or insufficient intensity in any part. As for the E string, it is just the first day, so further exploration is needed. However, the sweetness of the Lord Wilton model is already evident.
   5. Master Guo's bow has excellent balance and solidity. The craftsmanship, including the details of the accessories, is very good. It is a superb master bow. The initial experience shows that even very subtle sounds can be expressed richly. The bow is very stable, which at least indicates that the bow stick is very precisely and uniformly dense and stressed, under very focused listening conditions. It allows for effortless execution of advanced techniques such as staccato, and there are no subtle flaws in the sound during the playing. The details of the bow hair installation are also very well-handled. The grip of the bow feels comfortable.
   6. Particularly rare is that Master Guo's bow and Master Lu's violin were made separately, but the combination of the two has produced a synergistic effect where 1+1>2. It seems as if Master Guo and Master Lu have a great understanding, which is reflected in their work.
   Five months later, the playing experience of this violin:
   1.The sound of the violin became more pleasing after four months, with a rich, penetrating, and beautiful tone. I wanted to hear its wonderful changes more, so another month passed.
   2.The sound post by Master Lu is installed in the style of two renowned Italian violin makers known for their tone.
   3.I found that the projection of the gold-winning work from a recent violin bridge competition in Italy matched the bridge of Master Lu's violin. In detail, the bridge made by Master Lu is more solid.
   4.The tone of this violin is not exactly the same as the original Lord Wilton, as it has been enhanced by Master Lu's improvements.
   5.It is an exceptionally outstanding masterpiece. As a violinist, I am honored to own such a violin.
   I am very grateful to Mr. Bai Dongsheng. Without his active communication, I would not have been able to explain my detailed requirements for the violin. Master Lu silently did a lot of meticulous work when making the violin, but it needs to be discovered by the violinist themselves. For example, I needed three violin bridges, and Master Lu considered details such as hole size and bridge height when making the bridges. I also thank Master Guo for providing such a high-quality violin bow.
   Thank you very much!
   Best regards,
   David Wong

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