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our violin and viola just finished

Date: 9/8/2023, Read: 318 times

  We have finished the violin no.595 for the violinist from China, and waiting for the customer's feedback after palying. The customer also ordered our top quality Brazilian Pernambuco wood bow and carbon fiber case. Very happy to communicate with the customer for all matters.
   We also finished the viola in the white for the Master Luthier from The US, he is a customer repeat order instruments from us, and he likes very much for Lu Qing's work.
   Again, to all people, trust us and you will have a very nice instrument and last you for many many years and can be for your kids and grand kids as the sound will be better and better when it is already very good at beginning.
   Our instruments are made for you not select for you, which means, we make it according to your specs and requirements, but the meaning of selection is many factories and large studio, they make 1000 or 5000 instruments per month and they have professional instruments as well, but they were not made for you, they just ask a musican play on them and to select a nice one as a professional instruments, because they were selected from thousands so from probability, it can be some nice ones, they sound very good, but because they made the plates very thin so the sound is very good, but after play and play, the sound will become worse and worse.

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