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Reference for No.586 violin

Date: 10/23/2022, Read: 526 times

   My thoughts on violin #586:
   I am a repeat customer of I sent some very old tonewood to Mr Bai to make into a violin. The work of his Master Luthier Lu did not disappoint. After playing the instrument daily for a month, I can tell this violin has a very strong and resonant sound that can fill a concert hall. It also responds very well so I can easily make sounds of different shades and colors. It is everything a good professional solo violin should be.
   I also appreciate the high quality of the craftsmanship, which leaves nothing to be desired, from the excellent woodwork to the tasteful antique varnish that makes it look much more interesting and valuable.
   As usual with new instruments, this violin will develop over time and will need minor adjustments. So far it has more than met all of my expectations, and I am optimistic that it will age very well.
   Thank you Mr Bai and Master Lu for your fine work!

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