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Tertis model

Date: 4/14/2022, Read: 509 times

  We have just received another request from another existing customer from Europe to make a big viola Tertis model, our first Master Lu is very happy as he would like to make something new with to make a new mold.
   You can see many Chinese made violins on the market, they describe their sound how nice it is and the photos taken are so professional, but that is it, you only are happy with the surface looking and text description, but the actual instruments will make you very disappointed.
   Ours price is the lowest in whole China if you are talking about a violin not a junk, we can't compete with a piece of junk in terms of price.
   Only buy from if you want to buy a Chinese made, no others makers from China, not other Chinese makers from the US or Europe, only buy from here, if you want to buy a Chinese made.

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