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Referencesf rom Rae and Brandon

Date: 10/23/2018, Read: 118 times

  Here are two references, one is from our customer Rae from the US who ordered an advanced student violin. Another is Brandon from the US as well who ordered a 14K gold fitting top quality Brazilian Pernambuco wood bow:
   Hi Dong,
   My teacher said the violin is very nice, and has great intonation. It is also very easy to play. The sound is very bright
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   Mr. Dong
   The violin bow is fantastic. Very high quality wood and gold adornments. It has the perfect amount of bounce and balance.
   When compared to my other European bows it out plays them with little effort . In just the few days I've had it
   I am so happy I caní»t stop playing! Thank you so much for helping get an amazing bow!
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