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I have just received some comments from our No.503 bass violin (1/8 size) customer, this is not his formal reference yet, but just some comments.

James of California is a Master luthier and he ordered a 1/8 bass violin from us and sent us with his own design.

Below is his comments (twice):


Hi Dong, Hope all is well with you. I am re-planing the fingerboard now and recutting the nut. The fingerboard arch and scoop need to be properly shaped. I apply linseed oil at every step. As you know linseed oil is very slow to harden. The fingerboard is now dressed with charcoal ink impregnated and coated with ebony oil. Please check the photo below. Also I'm hand rubbing the varnish with mixture of rotten stone and pumice stone and oil to get the proper sheen.

Overall, your craftsmanship is excellent. I will let you know on the sound later. By tap tone checking it seems to be very good. James


Please use the photos and/or my writings, if you like. I will write a full impression and review of the instrument when the set up is done. So far the bass violin is excellent and perfect shape and size. The gradation appears extremely good. My review will not be to criticize but to praise and help your craftsmanship and reputation as a maker. It will include some suggestions for the future projects to enhance your business.

I will be in Germany in the first part of October so most likely afterwards. I will look for some instrument parts when I'm there. Will keep you posted. Thank you for every thing.


(Below is the instrument in his house)

Today (2017-August-05) is another exciting day as I received a reference from James of UK for his two 3/4 violins at professional solo grade made of 4A grade Bosnian maple and spruce by our first Master luthier Lu Qing along with two 3/4 top quality Brazilian Pernambuco wood bows and carbon fiber cases also carbon fiber shoulder rests.

The violins priced at the USA or UK etc local stores $2500 or $3000 violins by BIG Chinese luthiers in the USA for their Chinese factory made junk Chinese violins (please note, with French name label or something), you spend the same money but you get our the topest quality violins.

Their $2500 or $3000 violins are not better than our $300 intermediate student or $800 advanced student violins.

Ours the professional solo grade violins, for example, for James of UK are at least the same as or may be better than their $10,000 violins made by those BIG Chinese luthiers in the USA themselves individual made violins, please note, ours $2500 are at least the same as or may be better than those $10,000 violins.

You buy from your local store their Chinese factory made or production line made junk violins with their varnish and setup only at his USA place, cost you $2500, $2800 or $3000 are worse than our $300 or $800 violins.

Read below the reference, only a few words , that already tells you our quality.

Of course James can buy the violins from his UK local store the BIG Chinese luthiers in the USA violins, the reason he doesn't buy those ones are because - 1. those junk are junk even with their BIG name labels, but junk are junk, never changes; 2. those BIG Chinese luthiers in the USA individual made by themselves are too too too expensive $10,000 minimum, but not better than ours, so why?

Can anyone write a reference like this below to those Chinese or other Chinese makers?

There are thousands of Chinese makers in China, but only a few can make the same quality violins as ours and at the same level as those BIG Chinese luthiers in the USA individual made, and ours are the lowest priced at the same quality, you do not compare the price only, you can see thousands of Chinese makers prices are $50 at ebay, Chinese ebay or many many violin stores, why we sell at price 10 times more or 50 times more than those ones?

If you want to buy names, then buy from your local store the BIG Chinese luthiers Chinese factory made with a beautiful name labels.

If you want to buy cheapest, then buy from ebay or Chinese ebay.

BUT if you want to buy quality at the cheapest price, then ours are the only ones in the whole wide world!!!


Hello Dong,

It has been 6 months since I received the two 3/4 violins, sufficient time to make an assessment.

In a word, they are "Excellent." They have a full rich tone and are powerful and responsive. The violin workmanship is of the highest standard along with the bows and cases.

I had no hesitation in reserving the woods for full size violins for the future.

Thank you Dong.

(James of UK)


Below are the violins made of 4A grade Bosnian maple and spruce;

Top quality Brazilian Pernambuco wood bows;

Carbon fiber cases and carbon fiber shoulder rests

(Remember, only buy good top violins, not to buy junk violins what ever they have nice names or bad names as they are violins not other stuff from $2 shops made in China!!!)

Please note: one luthier can only make 5 or 20 violins per year by himself, our luthier Lu Qing can make 30 violins per year because he works very hard.

So if you see thousands of violins, with some BIG names of Chinese luthiers who are in the US, for sale in the world, and priced only $2500 or $3000, you should not think that you are so lucky get a this luthier made violin, it is impossible.

The dealer never say, this violin is made by "this luthier", only tells you this is "this luthier's name's violins".

Unless you would like to spend $10,000 or more, then you can get the Chinese luthiers in the US made violins, but not better than our Lu Qing's violins at only $2500.

For $2500 or $3000 with the BIG Chinese master names violins may be made by his or their apprentices or by their apprentices of apprentices, or may be made by production lines....(only cost 10,000 Chinese Yuan to get a certificate for becoming the BIG master's apprentices).

The certificates with the violins sold to you was printed with the BIG masters names plus the real makers/workers signatures also the labels inside the violins.

However the two piece of paper can't change the violins sound at all.

Do not trust too much in Chinese violin making industry, there are too much trick, only one thing can tell you the truth, it is the sound quality.

Below is a reference by an Australian customer who ordered an intermediate student grade cello (3/4 No.c_228):

31st July 2017
Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Re: Great work by Dong and his luthier for our Intermediate Student Cello

To whom it may concern,
We are very happy to have received the Intermediate Student Cello sent by Dong and his company The workmanship is amazing and after a few adjustments the cello sounds great. Though the cello still needs to have its potential sound maximized by playing a few more months, it is of great value.
Dong is very kind and a professional man, he responds to our queries on time and the cello came in great packaging too. We are very pleased with the purchase and would recommend Dong and his company to anyone who is thinking of purchasing an excellent instrument at an affordable price. The luthier is truly great to have produced such excellent work. We are very appreciative and wish Dong and his company all the best!
Kindest regards,
Tiffany & family


Please note, this is only an "Intermediate Student" grade, not an "Advanced Student" or "Professional/Professional Solo" grade, this is a such good cello for students or experienced students even for teachers.

We call this as intermediate or advanced student, because they are, and they are not professional, we name it basd on the true or real, we do not name a very normal instrument as "professional" or "performance" instruments as many Chinese makers do.

And this cello is not worse or even better at least the same as the cellos by names of some Chinese big luthiers in the USA, for example use a French name as his very normal Chinese factory made very normal quality instruments name, you like the French name label or his Chinese name brand or sound or money (costs you US$5000, but ours only US$800 - the only reason that you don't buy our $800 cello and to buy his $5000 cello is that you want to prove that you have too much money and don't know how to spend)?

Here are some photos of the cello:


This is a professional solo grade violin made for Marco of Italy, Marco has a friend in Italy who is a master luthier.

Marco wrote me a reference about the violin, and his friend luthier only gave one sentence as result after checked the violin both inside and outside, told by Marco, on 2017-7-22:

He saw the violin and said he really done very well.

(the first "He" is Marco's friend luthier in Iatly, and the second "he" is our first master luthier Lu Qing).

Below is Marco's reference on 2017-7-1:  

In a perfect packaging is quickly arrived at my home the violin shipped by Mr. Dong. The very accurate packing immediately gave me the impression of professionalism and experience of Mr. Dong's firm. The white violin appears very well done, also taken care of in details and respectful of the indications that I gave during its realization. Now I just have to do with wood preparation and varnishing. However, the starting point seems to me great, so I expect, at work, an excellent result. Many Thanks to Mr. Dong for the quickly assistance and presence during all this time.

Ok, Now, if anyone would like to ask for questuions to Marco about the violin, then please let me know, I will ask Marco if I can pass his email address to you. If so, you will talk to him about the violin Lu made for him.

We have just finished an Advanced Student Viola Archinto 1696 402mm, it sounds very top, this viola is going to New Zealand. This viola only costed the customer very little money, please view our price page to find out how much.

However, this viola is much higher quality in terms of sound and craftsmanship than those BIG name Chinese luthiers in the USA who sell their China factory production line violins/violas/cellos at US$2500/US$2800/US$5000 with some French name printed on their labels.

This viola is also at least the same as or may be better than those BIG name Chinese luthiers in the USA an individual made viola at $10,000 and over range.

This viola is full hand made by our 2nd master luthier individuly with hand tools only from the beginning to the end without any assistance and the thickness distribution is never the same as the plan and the sound is tested at each single step during making.

This is only an Advanced Student Viola, and not a professional solo grade.

Below are two references from our customers, they are only two here, more references please view from our reference page.

1. Our No. 448 professional solo violin customer from Rockville USA:

I had a quick chance to play and look at the violin. Wow, great it plays better than Jay Haide violins that I carry. I am not the greatest player but I will have one of my staff play it tomorrow. Great violin, were in business. I just need the 7k bow to sample then I will put together a package and sell many. I know it will sound better and better as it ages a little.

added on 26th August 2015:
I love the bow! I have a $15,000. Bow and your bow plays better. The sound is warm and wonderful. The violin and bow are at the

I just wanted to let you know that we love your violin and bow.


2. Oliviero from Italy ordered an advanced student violin from us, he wrote me a reference today (2016-11-23) as below:

Dear Dong

Today I got Half hour to try the violin below my first impressions:

Sound : very powerful

Tones : full of harmonic

Keyboard : perfect

Harmonic: very clear fluted

Shape: perfect!

Bow: light and sensitive responsiveness

To try: I made scales and arpeggios in fist second and fifth positions

Satisfaction: very satisfied!
My compliments to you well work.
Probably after or before Chinese New Year I will place to you one order to make a professional one and one more like mine.
Keep in touch


Please note, the one Oliviero has is our advanced student violin only, not a professional solo violin.

Here is the violin for Oliviero:






I was in Shanghai from the Oct 24th 2016 for a week.

I was so lucky that I had an oppprtunity to ask World Famours Italian Master Luthier Mr Simeone Morassi to check Our Lu Qing's Professional Solo grade violin for the quality.

Master Morassi tested for a long time without play, without tap, only by looking, the result is, it is a totally perfect made violin, very top quality, just a bit to improve on the varnish, to be a little more clear so that to see the flame more clear.

Please view some photos here.

Just a few luthiers in Shanghai had the rare opportunity.

We are now more and more and more confidance to our full hand made violins!!!

Many Thanks to Master Morassi!!!


The website Chinese Violins was created in 1995. We custom make and build master Chinese violins for customers all around the world. We focus on professional violins and advanced student violins. Every piece is a master Chinese violin with top sound quality.

Welcome to Here you are provided with a wealth of information regarding my work.

You will find detailed descriptions and clear examples of my polished work as well as photos documenting every step of the instrument's transfiguration from raw wood into a beautiful example of the luthier's art.

Also available are many references from customers pleased with my humble efforts and photos of them experiencing the satisfaction my work has given them.

At, we hope that you come not only to buy but to share in the enjoyment of viewing instruments born from the parentage of discriminating quality and refined skill.

So please join us inside and enjoy the heights to which the luthier's art has risen in China.

  Thank you for entering our website and, again, welcome! Perhaps you hold an interest in my background and my works, so please allow me to spend a moment satisfying that interest.

  I, Lu Qing the first master luthier of Bai's Violins, was born in 1964 and I have been fascinated with musical instruments and their making since early childhood, especially in the violin. At the age of 20, I began my apprenticeship under Master Maolin Song (ï) when we worked in China National Opera House in the early of 80's. I then followed Master Maolin Song to his company worked there around middle of 80's totally almost for 20 years before I began to work independently. I enjoyed regular opportunities to study many outstanding examples of the luthier's art. I also have regular opportunities to probe into the techniques and requirements of sound production with contemporary violinists. Thus, I obtained violin making inspiration among them. Having hand-crafted hundreds of violins, violas, cellos, and double bass' for 30 years, my technique is now exquisite, and the sound of my instruments is pure and powerful. I am one of very few genuine luthiers in China.

 I craft instruments with either a traditional or an antique finish. Though I use modern, updated tools for making, I adhere strictly to traditional Cremonese methods, inheriting the classical luthiers' experience. I sound the instrument to transfer its "feel", and my experience allows me to accurately gauge the wood and refine each gradation. Thus, by utilizing traditional technique and modern scientific findings in synthesis, a superior sound and performance arises that echoes that of antique works. It is one favored by most players.

  The woods I employs are for the back, brilliantly flamed maple from Sichuan Province which has been air-dried for over 25 years. For the top, I selects from the spruce forests of Himalaya and Xinjiang's Altai mountains, also air-dried for over 25 years. The material is excellent, neither too hard nor too soft, with an elasticity admirably suited to creating a resonant instrument. The finished work often results in a maple back striped like a tiger, and a spruce top of fine even grain. I have personally selected all the materials with great discrimination, often just one from every hundred, then left them to dry for 25 years. As an alternative, you may select European maple for the back which is more than 30 years old, and aged spruce that is more than 100 years old.

  I also offer a selection of varnishes to suit your preferences, all of which are aesthetically elegant and tastefully applied.

  Whether you are an aspiring soloist, professional ensemble member, renowned teacher, or rising student, I can create an instrument to satisfy and exceed your requirements. Please browse at your leisure, share with me what you are looking for in an instrument, and I do hope you'll consider being one of my many customers from all around the world.

Short description of Master luthiers of Bai's Violins:

I, Lu Qing, from year 2005, instrument number 280, to now;
Xu Lian Kun , year 1998 - 2007, instrument number 208 - 279;
Sun Pei Xiang, year 1995 - 2000, instrument number before 208. 

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