Our mandolin maker is the only one mandolin maker in whole China who can:

To individual full hand make an entire mandolin by himself from the beginning to the end with hand tools only;
At the price that you can afford;
Use air dry maple and spruce;
Need your more detail works to be involved (which means the madolins quality need to be continue improved).

But you may find 10 or 20 mandolin makers in whole China who are the same as our maker but at very high price about US$1000 for a F model mandolin ready to play at the same or worse quality as ours.

And you can find 100 or 200 mandolin making factory in whole China who make machine made or production line made mandolins using "solid" woods or oven dried "solid woods" or plywoods at very low prices. Production line workers cannot handle an entire mandolin making works.

If you want to buy an individual Chinese full hand made at lower price by using air dry maple and spruce plus your more detail works to be done, then ours are the only one option, no others. If you can find another maker in whole China who is the same as or better than our maker, please let me know if you like. Please read my above as they are the whole points not 1 or 2 of them.

You can have your own desigh and any plan, then we may make it.

We can make white or kit. Minimum order quantity is 6 instruments.